Owner’s asking price package

Buyer protection for park homes

Why owner's asking price

Residents selling mobile homes can now sell their homes using their independent valuation in two ways.

  1. Fix the asking price at the valuation itself that uses a % of the base price for the extras.
  2. Set the asking price themselves based on a valuation adjustment formula due to known costs involved.

The owner’s asking price iis always based on the independent valuation formula we commission first, supplemented with the known value of the extras. This method of setting the asking price is based on the different value owners place on the extras and inventory.

The independent value of the home itself cannot change. The price listed will always be a genuine reflection of what is being offered.

After that, a SAPA contract produced and overseen by Costa Difference is used to govern the sale. A SAPA contract includes sale conditions and guarantees vacant possession when it is time to make the final payment.

Finally, only once the seller has confirmed to Costa Difference that they have received the final payment do they hand over the keys and issue the buyer with a Compra-Venta document verified and stamped by the park.

Sellers offering to sell their homes with buyer assistance usually sell their homes quickly in Park La Posada. It is, however, not compulsory for all residents in the park to use Costa Difference or offer their “buyer assistance” package; residents can sell their homes privately subject to park conditions.

For people buying a home privately within the park, it simply means there is no valuation guarantee or SAPA contract for the legal transfer of ownership. There is also no FREE translator service to register with the town hall and doctors because these are all aspects included in the “buyer assistance” package that is offered by Costa Difference.