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Here is where you will find the park homes for sale listed at the  “Independent market valuation” price (IMV) or the “owner’s asking price” (OAP).

The EURO amount is a guide conversion supplied by the ECB. The actual rate will depend on which bank is used for the exchange. 

Our home valuation system guarantees that the homeowner knows the current market value of their home before setting the asking price.

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Sorry, there are no park homes for sale at the moment. As soon as one goes on the market, we will send out a “Price Alert” email.

The Independent Valuation package is where an independent valuer sets the asking price using the latest market price data. The Vendor’s Asking Price package is where the owner sets the asking price based on known costs whilst still using the independent valuation formula. Each listing will show which pricing structure the owner has chosen.

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We also have mobile homes for sale sometimes as well.

The listing of homes for sale in Park La Posada is a service offered by Costa Difference acting as customer care agents. They look after visits to the park and the showing of homes. All homes advertised have pre-recorded virtual viewings so you can see exactly what the home is really like inside before coming on a visit to the park.

To arrange a visit when ready please use the contact form or call 0117 318 2188 in the UK or 0034 670 20 34 95 if in Europe.

Buying a resale park home

Park La Posada operates very differently than UK residential parks. First, there is no time limit as to how long a home can remain in the park. If a home has been well maintained, it is allowed to be sold in the park no matter how old the home is. The quality of the home on offer (including decking) is more important than the age of the home itself.

The park does not get involved with the actual sale of the home. The residents’ contract is transferred with the sale of the home subject to an exit fee paid by the vendor to cover the transfer and license for the home to remain in the park. This is standard procedure when selling a home with the benefit of a contract to reside in an exclusive residential park.

Homes sold in the past