Retirement community in Spain

Couples promoting Park la Posada lifestyle

What could be better than living the retirement lifestyle with new friends and neighbours? Park La Posada offers just that and a whole lot more. 

The retirement community lifestyle is based on two things: a common language in the community and plenty of support.

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To become a member of the community, you need to become a homeowner. Opportunities arise now and again as a resale home goes on the market. Prices range from 25,000 to 75,000 for one of the latest park homes. 

The park’s customer service agent, Costa Difference, offers a service to provide a SAPA contract for the safe, legal transfer of ownership of homes for sale in the community. The purchaser secures their service when paying the £200/200€ to reserve a home.

Support within the community comes in two forms. The people within the community support each other, and the bi-lingual reception supports the community as a whole. 

The community centre and pool are the heart of the community, and the Park La Posada management provides facilities and events to build on the community spirit that exists.

One such event is that the park does the EuroMillions lottery every Tuesday using a unique system to choose the numbers. 50% of the jackpot is to be shared between the residents, one share per home if the ticket wins the jackpot. The numbers for Tuesday the 11th of June (144 million) are 05, 10, 12, 19, 44 + 10, 11

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Now, to give you an idea of how the support works. A resident has a problem with their air-conditioning unit or washing machine. They simply go to the reception and report the problem. They will then arrange for an engineer to attend and, of course, translate if required.

The park also provides a translation service to register new residents with the town hall and doctors. This service is free when buying a home utilising a SAPA contract. In Park La Posada, no one is left to fend for themselves; the community as a whole supports everyone.

Enjoy life in Park La Posada

Every home in the park is on a landscaped 200 square metre plot in keeping with the residential style of the community. Fees for the facilities and support (including 24-hour security) are 375 EUR a month which currently converts to 316 GBP, and is paid every six months.

The community fees cover maintaining the exclusive facilities and support. A service second to none. From having your own post box to accepting parcels, the reception supports everyone in the background. They are not there in case someone needs a doctor; they are on hand for any aspect of daily life. 

If you are serious about joining our community one day, we suggest you sign up for the  “PRICE ALERT” service provided by our customer care team at Costa Difference. They send you an e-mail telling you a home is about to go on sale before it is added to the website.