Services We Offer


Park La Posada is not just a 5* residential mobile home park. It is also a dedicated retirement or semi-retirement park. That is what makes La Posada park so special. Moving to a new country full of culture is very exciting. Dealing with all the paperwork necessary can be a burden.  Not so on Park La Posada. The park employs a local translator to take care of the town hall registration, obtain NIE numbers, as well as registering our new clients with the local doctors. To our knowledge, we are the only park to offer this level of service to new clients free of charge.

Of course, the service does not end there. That is just the beginning. The reception is also there to assist residents with anything Spanish. From getting a car fixed to getting a washing machine repaired. You always have someone to turn to in the reception. That is why, being a dedicated residential retirement park is so important. The complete service the park offers is just as important as the facilities.


The park maintenance is split. One team looks after all the work that needs to be done on the park from plumbing to decking, while a second team looks after the park grounds. This also includes maintaining the hedges around each plot. The quality of Park La Posada is down to the attention to detail that all working on the park has. Emily in the office to David with general repairs. They all know they are contributing to making Park La Posada a top class residential retirement mobile home park in Spain.

For the mobile home owners, the fact that the park maintain everything to a high standard means that they are proud to own a home on such a prestigious mobile home park in Spain. The park also offers residents peace of mind as well. A good example is that the fees cover a 24 hour security service. This is in place, so that there is always someone to help out no matter what time of day or night a resident has a problem.


The night watchman has an office above the reception. This is also overlooking the park entrance. His presence there is a complete blessing for any resident, who, when returning late at night, finds that their gate remote control has stopped working. It is helping with the little things that makes this 24 hour service so effective. In short, peace of mind, no matter what the problem is.