Open air gym

Open-air gym.

Now the residents can enjoy exercising in the open air with this wonderful open-air gym. Retirement is all about having fun. It complements the wonderful walks all around the park.

The area where the gym has been built was originally going to have mobile homes on. It was decided back in 2005 that by putting homes on the central area it would make the park feel crowded. All the homes facing the central area (1 to 18) have long wondered what goes on there one day. The open-air gym is a result of residents suggestions.

What has been installed is very much in keeping with the quality of the park.

Facilities are in place to ensure the residents have a complete retirement park community lifestyle. The social life in the park is ideal for this facility. Gentle exercising and socialising go hand in hand. Park La Posada commits itself to provide the right facilities as well as a support package. It is what makes Park La Posada so special.

Open Air Gym is far better than the Indoor Gym because it has more advantages and benefits for human health. Below are some advantages;

  1. It lowers blood pressure and reduces stress
  2. Helps with insomnia
  3. Sunshine
  4. Free of charge
  5. Saves time and nature
  6. Variation in your regular workout
  7. The chance to try something new
  8. Vary your regular training environment
  9. The chance to train together
  10. Better mood