La Posada translator telephone service facility

Telephone translator service

There are going to be times, perhaps, when a resident could do with a translator to assist them whilst away from the community. Perhaps in a furniture shop where no one speaks English or when taking a car with a problem to the local garage.

For Posada residents, help is at hand because Maria, the park’s authorised translator, can now act as a translator using the T4M mobile system to ensure both sides fully understand each other.

Her T4M service is only for La Posada residents who register for her service using this website. 

Using Maria (whom everyone in the park knows) and translate4me, a dedicated telephone translation mobile provider, we can offer a new level of service to residents who are away from the park.

To be able to use the service requires a mobile (UK, Spanish or EU number) that is able to send an SMS to a Spanish mobile number.

First, you need to register your number (FREE for Posada residents) so we can give you Maria’s dedicated T4M mobile number. 

The service works like this: When you need Maria through T4M, you send a (Call Me) SMS from your mobile to the T4M mobile number you were given. Once the SMS is received, Maria will call you immediately if it has been pre-booked or if she is available to call immediately without prior notice.

Once the call is received, you switch your phone to speaker, and whoever Maria is translating for can hear her.

It is easier and cheaper if you can book her service in advance using the online form. For example, the online booking request can be “Can I send an SMS between 11 am and 11.30 tomorrow?”. If Maria responds, “By all means”, she will expect the SMS. She can only call a registered number.

Knowing precisely what the sales assistant is saying about delivery times, or what the mechanic is saying it will cost and when it will be ready, can be important, which is why a native Spanish translator like Maria on the other end of the phone is the solution. When she calls, you switch the phone to speaker, and then everyone is in the loop. 

Calls are received or made in 10-minute segments, with segments costing 8€ if pre-booked, and Maria is expecting the SMS or 10€ if she responds to the SMS without pre-booking. Maria cannot guarantee to respond if the SMS is not pre-booked, but rest assured she will do her level best.

No ongoing costs are involved after you have registered to use the service. You only pay as and when you use the service. You can, however, relax knowing help is on hand if you need to arrange it once registered.

The service is provided subject to these terms and conditions. New residents now have more support to hand as they find their feet in Spain.

Having said that, The service Maria provides through Park La Posada, and T4M is not explicitly intended for people to use daily. It is more of a “when-in-need” or “planned” service; you cannot use it if you have not registered.

If you are not lucky enough to be a Posada resident, you can become a member of the T4M telephone translation service  by going to the translate4me website.