Frequently asked questions for Park La Posada

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is the park legal?

Park La Posada opened in 2004, and a copy of the licence is on display in the reception. Thanks to the park’s status, new residents can register to become full-time residents in Spain using the park as their official registered address.

Q: What are the park fees?

Because all the plots are 200 square metres and landscaped, all the residents pay the same. The park fees have been 365€ a month since 2008. The fees cover the bi-lingual reception, the support staff, maintaining the park and providing the resident only facilities. The park will always be an exclusive five-star park in style maintained to the highest standards.

Q: Is the park secure?

100%. The residents all have a remote control that opens the entrance to the park. Visitors to the park are checked in at the reception. No one is allowed to come onto the park on their own and have a walk around.

Q: Are there any camping pitches?

No. Park La Posada is a residential park. All the facilities within the park are for the exclusive use of homeowner/residents. Owners can own a home for personal/family holiday use before they retire but under no circumstances are they allowed to sub-let. There are no camping facilities whatsoever.

Q: Does the park allow pets?

Two standard family pets are allowed per home. If a new owner already has three pets, they might be allowed to bring three onto the park to understand that as one passes, it is not replaced. However, dogs on the Spanish dangerous dogs’ list are not allowed to be in the park.

Q: Are residents issued with a secure contract?

Yes, we do that utilizing a 925€ security deposit which is refundable. The plot is held on deposit, and a “rolling park contract” is issued. The contract is then used to obtain Spanish residency. The contract renews automatically every six months when the park fees are paid. The security deposit is returned in full when owners sell their homes and leave the park.

Q: Do the homes have to come off at a certain age?

Not at all. Providing the home overall is well maintained the home remains in the park. For most residents, the decking is part of their home and so adds up to 40 square metres of living area.

Q: Are children or young adults allowed to live with parents or grandparents in the park?

In 2008 Park La Posada became the first park in Spain dedicated as a retired or semi-retired residential park. From that moment on, children or young adults are not allowed to live in the park. They can, of course, visit their relatives for up to eight weeks maximum.

Q: Are residents registered for health care in Spain?

Residents who are retired are registered for everything, including health care. Residents under the official retirement age are registered for everything but health care. This is because they will be using private health care until they reach retirement age. Health care cover, state or private, is required for Spanish residency.

Q: Do you deal with all the paperwork to settle in Spain?

We deal with all the paperwork needed here in Spain free of charge. It is all part of our retire to Spain package. You only pay the registration fees, which are less than 20€. You need to pay that direct as part of the registration process. UK citizens, however, need to obtain a non-lucrative visa first. EU citizens do not require one.

Q: I am Dutch. Can I come and live in Park La Posada?

Yes, is the answer. Inside the park, the common language spoken by all residents is English, with the staff in reception taking care of anything Spanish. Any nationality with a reasonable grasp of English will settle into the park’s retirement lifestyle perfectly.

Q: Can I just come and take a look and nothing else?

Absolutely. Costa Difference Partnership arranges all park visits and has a strict no-pressure policy. We have residents who offer their services to show visitors the park and lifestyle.

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