Frequently asked questions for Park La Posada

Frequently Asked Questions Park La Posada

Q: Is the park legal?

Yes. Park La Posada opened in 2004, and a copy of the licence is displayed in the reception. Thanks to the park’s status, new residents are registered with the authorities in Spain using their park address as their official registered address.

Q: What are the community fees?

Because all the plots are 200 square metres and landscaped, all the residents pay the same. The community fees are 375€ a month to cover 24-hour security, full resident community support and the provision of exclusive facilities.

Services include a bi-lingual reception, maintaining the park to the highest standards and improving resident-only facilities. Local and national taxes are included.

Q: Is the park secure?

100%. The residents all have a remote control that opens the entrance to the park. Visitors to the park are checked in at the reception. We respect residents’ privacy, which is why visitors are always by appointment and shown around the park by a resident.

Q: Are there any camping pitches?

No. Park La Posada is a park home community and not a campsite. All the facilities within the park are for the exclusive use of homeowners/residents. In order to join the community, you will need to buy a resale home when one comes on the market.

If you want to know when a home goes on sale, we suggest you sign up for the “Price Alert” service provided by the park’s customer service representative, Costa Difference.

Q: Can I rent my home to holidaymakers?

No is the answer. Subletting commercially of any kind is not allowed. This rule ensures the residents enjoy living in a settled community rather than a holiday park environment with different neighbours regularly. Family can use the home for holidays (with or without the owners present) based on the principle that they are representatives of the homeowners.

Q: Does the park allow pets?

Yes, residents can have two standard family pets per home. There are some wonderful walks around the park, and the village has an English-speaking vet. However, dogs on the Spanish dangerous dogs list are not allowed to be in the park.

Q: Are residents issued with a secure contract?

Yes, we do that utilising a 925€ security deposit, which is refundable. The contract is secured using the deposit, which enables us to issue a “rolling park contract” with no expiry date. The contract is then utilised to obtain Spanish residency. The contract renews automatically every six months. The security deposit for the contract is returned in full if the owners decide to sell their homes and leave the park one day.

Q: Do the homes have to come off at a certain age?

Not at all. Providing the home overall is maintained, and in keeping with the quality of the park, the home can remain in the park for many years. This includes the decking, which is considered part of the home, adding up to 40 square metres of living area.

Q: Are children or young adults allowed to live with parents or grandparents in the park?

In 2008, Park La Posada became the first park in Spain to transform into a retired/semi-retired residential community. From that moment on, children or young adults are not allowed to live within the community. They can, of course, visit their relatives for up to eight weeks maximum.

Q: Are residents registered for health care in Spain?

Residents who are receiving a state pension are registered for everything, including health care, using the form S1. Residents under the official retirement age are registered for everything but health care. This is because they will use private health care until retirement age. Health care cover, state or private, is required for Spanish residency.

Q: Do you deal with all the paperwork to settle in Spain?

We deal with all the paperwork needed here in Spain free of charge for any sale using the buyer assistance package. for the legal transfer of ownership. You only pay the registration fees, which are less than 20€. You need to pay that direct as part of the registration process. UK citizens, however, need to obtain a non-lucrative visa first in the UK. EU citizens do not require one.

Q: I am Dutch. Can I come and live in Park La Posada?

Yes, is the answer. Inside the park, the common language spoken by all residents is English, with the staff in reception taking care of anything Spanish. Any nationality with a social level of English will perfectly settle into the park’s retirement lifestyle.

Q: Is there a connection to the internet?

Yes, all homes are hard-wired. There are also wifi zones in the bar and reception. Live TV can now be streamed using an Android set-top box. Internet connection costs 24€ a month with no fixed contract. The reception arranges a connection when required.

Q: Can I just come and take a look and nothing else?

Absolutely. Our customer care agent, Costa Difference, arranges all park visits. As a community, we have residents who offer services to show visitors the park and lifestyle. Turning up without an appointment is not allowed in order to protect the resident’s privacy.

Q: Why are there so few homes listed for sale on the park’s website?

The first answer is that many residents have lived in the park for years with no intentions of living elsewhere. The second answer is that we only list the homes that will be transferred to new owners by means of a SAPA agreement. Homes on sale without a SAPA contract will be advertised privately elsewhere.

Q: Can I run a business in the park?

Under the terms of the contract, the answer is no. However, permission can be requested if you have a business that does not impact the park itself, such as an internet business.

Q: How big can I make the decking?

In total, 40 square metres with no more than 20 square metres enclosed, such as an extension. Many homes have two decking areas, one open and one enclosed. The side decking area is favoured as the enclosed extension, adding 20 square metres of living area.

Q: As an owner, do I have to sell my home through the park?

No, the park does not sell homes. If a home is to be sold with the benefit of being sold within the park, a fee is paid to cover the issue of a new park contract. The fee depends on the age of the home and is stipulated in the park contract.

Q: What is “buyer assistance” with certain homes?

It is a legal transfer of ownership of mobile homes system built on trust and managed by the Costa Difference team. Owners can choose whether to use the system or not. Private sales within the park have a different set of terms to follow.

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